Frequently Asked Questions

What is HotNow?

HotNow is a marketing automation platform that provides merchants in SE Asia with cost-effective, high-efficacy marketing tools, while encouraging merchants to transfer some of that value surplus to the consumers of their goods and services.

What is HoToKeNTM?

HoToKeNTM is a utility token that will act as access-granting key to HotNow Network’s features and benefits and act as a currency that fuels HotNow’s economy. Imagine consumers using HoToKeNTM to gain access to (unlock) promotions or discounts offered by merchants, where the spending history data of consumers can be tracked and utilized, at the consumers’ discretion through the permissioned blockchain. This spending history can then be used to create “credit profiles” for individuals without financial history to enable these consumers to access micro-loans (to spend at HotNow merchants).

Can HoToKeNTM be mined?

Technically, yes. Network’s participants will be rewarded with HoToKeNTM by performing qualified activities deemed contributive to the growth and sustainability of the Network such as doing a transaction, referring new users to the network, rating member merchants, etc.

Who will be able to use HoToKeNTM’s?

All HotNow Network’s participants. For example, consumers can use the token to gain savings on each purchase and merchants can use the token as reward to incentivize consumers to fulfill certain conditions such as shop rating or referring. 

What is the price of the HoToKeNTM?

HoToKeNs are valued at $0.10 per token

When will HTKN be listed in exchanges?

We expect to be listed in Stellar and several central exchanges by May/June.

Where can I find out HoToKeN sales details?

You can find all our sales details in HTKN Sale Presentation

What is the total cap for the main round?

The hard-cap for the pre-sale and ITO, together, is 3,000,000,000 (three billion) HoToKeNTM.

I made my transaction why don’t my tokens show up on Etherscan?

I made my transaction why don’t my tokens show up on Etherscan? HoToKeN is inititally sold as a Reserve Token (RHTKN) and will not be listed on Etherscan after Stellar has been integrated in May/June, we will notify you with instructions on how to convert your RHTKN to HTKN. When your RHTKN has been converted to HTKN you will be able to see your tokens.

Can I withdraw my tokens directly from the exchange?

Yes. you can starting from May/June, when Stellar has been integrated and you have swapped your RHTKN for HTKN.

How do I swap my RHTKN for HTKN?

We will be notifying all contributors and posting the requisites by mid-May.

Do you have a forecast for the price of HTKN when it starts trading?

The starting price will be the same as for the ITO ($0.10), after that, the market will decide.

How can I buy more HTKN now?

You will have to wait until May/June when are listed in the exchanges and buy from the secondary market then.

Where can I learn more about HoToKeNTM technical details?

You can download our HoToKeNTM White Paper or view our contract code here .

My question was not answered. How can I contact the HoToKeNTM Team?

Contact Support and we will get back to you as soon as possible