HoToKeN - New MVP Launch!
Thank you for your continued support for the HotNow/HTKN project. We all share the excitement on this Day One of the new HotNow/HTKN Platform.
Our Tech Team has worked extremely hard during the last four months to convert the HotNow Platform and integrate HTKN (a Stellar token) into HotNow.

In the coming days, we will explain more about the development process and will introduce you to members of the Tech Team. At this time, a big thank you
and well-deserved congratulations to the Tech Team for getting us here with reliability and speed.

Of course, we are all excited to convert our RHTKN to HTKN. In our HoToKeN community channels, we saw that some supporters couldn't wait and created
new Stellar wallets. If you do not have an active Stellar wallet now, don't worry. The easiest way to get a Stellar wallet is to simply download the latest
HotNow mobile application. If you already have HotNow Application on your device, you simply need to update the version. In the HotNow App,
we have integrated a Stellar wallet to hold all your HTKN!

You can download HotNow at the Google Play Store (for Android) and at the App Store (for iOS users). After you download the HotNow app from Play Store
or App Store, you will see that your HotNow wallet contains 10 HTKN as a welcome bonus!! And now, you are ready to exchange your RHTKN into HTKN.

How to create a HotNow wallet

How to set a wallet to accept HTKN

How to Claim HTKN download ABI here

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