To our HOT community members

HotNow, under Ms. Nithinan Boonyawattanapisut’s leadership, developed the innovative in-game advertising platform – HotPlay. We are thrilled to announce HotNow has entered into a partnership to launch HotPlay with DTGO, a business-social organization dedicated to the well-being of society and the world, led by Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, the founder and CEO of T&B Media Global (Thailand).

HotPlay is a revolutionary marketing solution linking businesses and gamers. Brands can insert seamless non-intrusive, and even interactive, advertising into online games to instantly connect to gamers.  In addition to the value it brings brands and consumers, HotPlay can provide game developers with a revenue stream from advertising that will not compromise the integrity of their games.

With that in mind, we are very proud and excited to announce that last month Monaker Group Inc.(NASDAQ: MKGI), a technology leader in the travel and vacation rental markets, acquired HotPlay Enterprise Limited, the in-game ad company which will leverage artificial intelligence to harmonize engagement between businesses and consumers with HotPlay technology. Its services will seamlessly integrate native ads into games and enable brands to insert non-intrusive and interactive digital coupons that are redeemable through online and offline channels. Brands will be able to track the conversion funnel from viewers to actual sales in real-time! With this acquisition, Monaker plans to transition from a pure travel-based company to a travel company with gaming and in-game advertising company, with the goal of engaging consumers through digital advertising, gaming, and travel platforms.

And, we are also glad to announce our strategic partnership with GEER, creator of the branded virtual goods marketplace.  GEER is launching a branded digital assets marketplace allowing purchases of branded digital assets, authenticated via blockchain technology, into video games. Atari, the legendary video game company, provides Atari-branded products to be purchased within HotPlay’s original game title, Evergleam Hill, available in both Google Play and Apple App Store.  This marks a fundamental shift away from using distracting, brand-damaging, advertisement material in games towards using branded authentic digital products desired by players to advertise. In addition, it is the first time a brand and game developer has been enabled to work together faster, more securely, and at a much greater scale on a third-party platform – allowing the creation of new business models and revenue streams!

We hope you are just as proud that the HotNow team’s efforts have produced such revolutionary technology and we look forward to bringing you more exciting developments in the coming months.